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Our Vision

Supporting vulnerable young people to be happy, guiding them to a better future.

At 3S Adolescent Care we take our responsibility to so many vulnerable children and young people seriously. As such our vision is embedded into our culture and is lived and breathed each and every day by each and every employee.

We want everyone involved with our organisation to feel part of delivering something momentous where we can all play a part of making a real and lasting difference to young people’s lives through.

At 3S Adolescent Care we believe everyone deserves the best chance to grow, and to get an education that equips them for a brighter future.

We go beyond the tried and tested to get to new and individual solutions, by integrating our expertise and first-class care and environments. Our specialist children's homes help young people to develop their education, social and independence skills so they can fulfil their aspirations and potential.

And most importantly, our vision is about supporting vulnerable young people to be happy, alongside encouraging their understanding of their place in society and empowering them to work out how they are going to make their way in the world, guiding them to a better future.

Our Vision: The Clinic
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